1.respect: respect your parents,your teachers and your elders.
2.love: love your country,your culture and your ancestors.
3.service: serve the poor,the illiterate and the diseased.
4.self-discipline: discipline your body,your senses and your mind.
5.self-control: control your words,your thoughts and your actions.
6.faith: have faith in yourself,in others and in god.
7.discrimination:discriminate between good and bad,real and unreal and vice and virtue.
8.concentration: concentrate whole heartedly while studying,playing or praying.
9.truthfulness: be truthful in words,thoughts and actions.
10.hardwork: work hard to acquire knowledge,skills and wisdom.
11.strength: be strong physically,mentally,intellectually,morally and spiritually.
12.conviction: have conviction in the power of goodness,purity and honesty.
13.devotion: have devotion for duty,scriptures,holypeople and god.
14.habits: cultivate regular habits of prayer,meditation and reading inspiring and strengthening literature.
15.same-sightedness:feel the presence of the divine in all beings and treat them with the same standard as you treat yourself.
16.firm determination:have firm determination and strong will-power to cultivate good habits in order to achieve permanent happiness,peace,success and fulfilment in life.
"what we want are western science coupled with vedanta,brahmacharya as the guiding motto,and also shraddha and faith in one's own self."
"higher knowledge is the directexperience of the imperishable brahman.one who looks upon with an equal eye a brahmana endowed with learning and humility,a cow,an elephant,a dog,and an outcaste,seeing the same divine principle dwelling in the heartsof all,is a real educationalist,a wise man."
"we want that education by which character is formed,strength of mind is increased,the intellect is expanded,and by which one can stand on one's own feet"-swami vivekananda